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Eugenio Pattarino Ceramic Charger

Eugenio Pattarino Ceramic Charger

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A fantastic and rare ceramic charger by Eugenio Pattarino. Vibrant red color and Classic Italian Mid-Century style is represented very well in this piece. Eugenio Pattarino was born in 1885 and passed away in 1971. He was a master sculptor and model maker and taught in art schools in both Venice and Frankfort, Germany. In the late 1940s he opened his own studio in Florence. His factory used both “EPF” and “CAPEF” (Artistic Ceramics Professor Eugene Pattarino) to mark his pieces. His studio is best known for its large religious statutes, many of which reside in a number of churches in Italy and the U.S.

In the 1950s Pattarino had more than fifty artists working for him and some among them were considered the best ceramists in Italy. At this time Eugenio was joined by his son, Ranier, and the company began concentrating on more eclectic themes. These pieces, when new, were quite expensive when they were purchased but almost never garner anywhere near their original cost at today's auctions.

The factory claimed that the Vatican used Pattarino’s ceramics as gifts to famous visitors, including President John Kennedy, Andre Gide and Paul Sartre. Unfortunately there is no proof to back these claims. As a matter of fact I have discovered that the Pattarino name is almost generally unknown in Italy and even lesser known in Florence. His name is, however, recognized here in the United States and most of the factory’s output can be found in the U.S. where it was imported. In November 1966 the Arno River flooded its bank and inundated most of Florence. Work to restore damaged art is still in progress today. Pattarino’s factory was completely flooded and the master molds, drawings and models were damaged beyond repair or lost completely. As a result Eugenio retired and left the chore of rebuilding the company to his son, Ranier. The company never fully recovered and finally in 1989 EPF closed its doors.


Height: 4 in (10.16 cm)

Diameter: 15.5 in (39.37 cm)




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